This is the main operating position at KØAZ. Studio A if you will. The equipment starts on the left
sheft with two Yaesu rotor controllers. Next right is the Icom IC756PROIII. To the right of it is the
primary rig the Elecraft K3 along with the P3/SVGA to the right. Above the K3 is the Rigblaster DUO. Above the P3 is the Westmountain CW switch for the 756/K3. To the right of the P3 is the
second Westmountain CW switch for the 2 Elecraft K2s on the top shelf. Then the 2 meter PEP
Mirage wattmeter. Of course the 22 inch monitor is driven by the P3/SVGA. The top shelf left has
a nice lamp made by a guy named Del in Florida. Next is the 6 and 2 meter Elecraft transverters.
To the right of the Tvrtrs is the K2/10 which drives the tvrtrs and is pretty well loaded. To the right
of the K2/10 is the control console for the PW-1 amp which is on the other side of the wall in the
garage. Next to it is the K2/100 which is also loaded. Right of it is the KAT100 auto antenna tuner
and above it is one of the 2 Signalink USB interfaces and one of the Westmountain RFI proof
speakers. Next right is the Ameritron RCS 10 coax switch which switches exciters and not antennas. More about it later. Above the Tvrtrs is the 2nd Signal link and Wmtn speaker. Also is
the Oak Hills WM2 QRP wattmeter for the K2/10. The small rig to left is the Icom Dstar 2 meter
rig.  The keys are all Ham Key St Louis units. One paddle and straight key pair for the 756 and K3
and another of them for the two K2s.
Shack 2
The RIGblaster DUO provides digital interface to both the 756PROIII and K3.
It also allows those two rigs to share the
West Mountain speakers and the Heil
781 mike on the boom next to the main
computer monitor. The 756PROIII is the
main control for the PW-1 amp but the
PW-1 is used with all the other exciters
and the 6 meter transverter. This is done
by using the Ameritron RCS 10 to switch
between the K3, K2/10, K2/100 and 6M
Tvrtr to exciter 2 input on the PW-1. All
these units have key lines to the PW-1.
The RCS-10 also has a position that feeds the work table that will be shown
later as well as another manual 6 pos
switch that switches several vintage
stations including a Drake TR7 station
and Collins S3 line station including the
30S1 amp. More on the vintage gear and
photos of them on following pages. The K3 and the 2 meter Tvrtr off the K2/10 feed brick amplifiers as well as a Henry
2002A that provides up to a KW on 2 for
weak signal CW/SSB and reduced power on digital modes. So the station
you are seeing provides QRP to 1 KW on
160 through 2 meters and all radios can
use any of the antennas shown on the page for antennas. The main station PC
is a Toshiba A8 of several years ago. The
main Ham programs are Logic 9, Writelog, MMTTY/FSK to name a few. For digital modes the JT65 suite is used
for HF and VHF including a few moon rise shots on single yagi EME.
More shack photos and info on Shack 2
and so on.
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