Above is another world famous KØAZ not so good photo. It shows the two towers at this QTH. The tower in back is the US Tower crank up crank over TX455. At the top around 55 feet is the Mosley PRO57B with 30M kit. It covers 10 through 30 including 12 and 17 meters. For a compromise multiband it does an OK job. Above it is the HyGain VB66DX 6 meter beam. 6 elements on just over 20 feet of boom at about
60 feet. The tower closest is the Rohn 45. Top plate is at 66 feet and just above the thrust bearing is the HyGain 2 element 40 meter linear
loaded yagi at about 67 feet. Next up is the M2 2M12 2 meter 12 elements on just over 20 feet of boom at about 72 feet. Above the 2 meter
beam is a CushCraft 19 element 432 yagi. The cross bar on the Rohn 45 at about 50 feet holds a 6 meter vertical and a 2/440 vertical for
FM use. Back on the TX455 there is a Buckmaster 270 foot OCF at about 50 feet that primarily works on 160 and 80 for me. However from
The Rohn 45 hangs an old W9INN sloper from about the 55 foot level. It also is for 160 and 80 but also works fine on 30 meters. Below are
some more photos of the antennas. Click on them to see a larger image.

I missed getting a shot of the R7000 vertical on the other side of the house but it is up and working as a utility and QRP antenna.
Rotors include the Yaesu G2800DXA on the crank up under the PRO57B and under the 40M beam on the
Rohn 45 is a Yaesu G1000DXA. Both use Idiom Press
Serial cards for computer control via Logic 9 logging.
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